Every charge station can be smart

Our award-winning smart charging controller turns every charge point into a connected device. It makes remote support and control easy and it sends meter values for effortless billing.  The controller can be connected to any electric vehicle charging platform using the open OCPP protocol. The compact design fits in every charging station.

The GreenFlux Controller is a very powerful IOT device, suitable for every charging station all over the world, open to any platform, standard-equipped with full smart charging capability and ongoing innovation to stay in the lead. It was elected as most innovative product in 2016 at the eMove360.

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Always connected

Create connected charge stations, making remote support and control easy and cheap.

Smart Charging

An intelligent connection between the increasing use of sustainable energy and energy grid balancing. In the near future, electric cars can be used as mobile batteries.

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The controller can be connected to any electric vehicle charging platform using the OCPP protocol. The compact design fits in every charge station.


It is compatible with all electric vehicles and ensures economic operation and scalability of charging networks. It can be used for new stations or for a re-fit of existing charge stations.

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Save costs and time

By avoiding replacement of the entire charge station, costs and time on development and market entry are avoided.

Why GreenFlux

Ensure scalability of your charging network

Any electric vehicle charging platform can be connected because the controller is based on open protocols through the cloud. Therefore, all charge points can be made ready for remote control, billing services, and smart charging functionalities.

Enabling smart charging functionalities

The controller provides maximum integration for smart charging purposes, being able to handle complex commands. Two way communication is realized using a SIM card or ethernet.

Save time and money using smart and advanced technology

Continuous development and state-of-the-art solutions save customers time and money on development and fast market entry with smart EV charge solutions.

Your controller,
your advantages

Our award winning Smart Charging Controller turns every charge point into a connected device. This makes every connected charge point ready for a wide-ranging pallet of smart charging solutions.

Remote access and control of your charge points

Read-out of meter values and set-up of billing

Compatible with all current electric vehicles

Compact design that fits in all charge stations

What is smart charging?

The number of electric vehicles is growing fast. This has a large impact on the electricity network. Smart charging optimizes the distribution of electricity and realizes considerable savings for a wide-raging group; from grid operators to EV-drivers.

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