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Hans de Boer
Hans de BoerFounder and CEO

Together with Jurjen, Hans founded GreenFlux. Almost eight years ago, Hans entered the professional world of electric driving and has been an enthusiastic driver of the Renault Zoë ever since. Because he lived and worked in mega cities abroad, Hans began to realize that clean air and the climate are vital to all living beings. He tries to contribute to a better world by, besides driving electric, cycle a lot, growing his own vegetables, and enjoying the eggs from chickens in his backyard in Amsterdam.

Jurjen de Jong
Jurjen de JongFounder and CEO

It is my dream that everybody drives on solar energy! All renewable energy origins from the sun. In our current society, the regular car takes an important place and provides us freedom. The electric vehicle (EV) can take an even bigger position in our lives. It can help us to make the transition to renewable energy. Smart charging technology combined with EV’s can balance our electricity grid and maximize the use of renewable energy. For five years now, Jurjen has been driving a full electric car on the energy from his own solar panels. When you drive an EV, you never want to go back!

Together with his wife, a social entrepreneur by heart, they have two great sons who are big fans of Elon Musk, Max Verstappen, soccer and Ajax. Jurjen shares their passions combined with running, wind surfing mountain biking in our great nature. He likes to motivate people to fulfil their dreams and get the best out of themselves. GreenFlux is the vehicle to fulfil his dreams and to go for a 100% renewable society. Follow Jurjen on twitter.

Michel Scholtes
Michel ScholtesInt. Sales Manager

Michel has a background in international business development and established several European activities in the electric navigation and electric vehicle market. Within GreenFlux, Michel is responsible for the commercial processes and is engaged in the preparing the foreign market for electric driving. Michel is a creative entrepreneur who thinks in terms of solutions and knows how to build long-term relationships. He believes in a future where our energy comes from the sun and wind. He recharges himself in the mountains or on a sailboat.

Stefan van den Bos
Stefan van den BosT & C Manager

Since 2015 Stefan has been the Technical and Commercial Manager at GreenFlux. He can easily answer the most complicated questions about charging stations and their installations due to his years of experience in the EV-world. Beside his strong background in technology, Stefan also has a background in sales. This unique combination makes Stefan a strong player in the field of electric driving. When Stefan is not selling charging points or converting them, he can be found at the racing circuit.

Erwin Brouwer
Erwin BrouwerService Engineer

Erwin is our service engineer. He installs, inspects, and fixes charging points for three years now. When malfunctions occur, Erwin is always ready to help our customers. Due to his extensive experience, he knows many customers by name. He is regularly on the road with his dog Dodge and many customers know him as “the guy with the cute dog”. When he is not on the road, he can be found in the gym or at the beach.

Johan van Kooten
Johan van KootenAccount manager

In October 2016 Johan started as an account manager at GreenFlux. He has a passion for sales and sustainability and thus has found the perfect workplace at GreenFlux. His background in law and eye for detail makes Johan a strong and thorough account manager. In his spare time, Johan enjoys playing soccer and eating the occasional pizza with his wife.

Mathieu Sanichar
Mathieu SanicharService Delivery Manager

As a Service Delivery Manager Mathieu Sanichar is responsible for ensuring that the GreenFlux platform performs optimally. It is of great importance that users anywhere in The Netherlands (and beyond) can make use of one of the many charging points which are connected to the GreenFlux platform, without any problems. In his spare time Mathieu likes to be in the kitchen preparing exotic dishes for his family and friends. Furthermore he enjoys driving his electric car through the streets of Amsterdam.

Nico Spoelstra
Nico SpoelstraGraduate Student

Nico started working at GreenFlux in 2017 as a graduate student, aiming to obtain a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, with a specialization in Smart Systems in Automation and Control. He is responsible for the testing and development of further improvements on Smart Charging algorithms.

Nico made a vow that he would never buy a fossil car and working at GreenFlux helps him to keep this promise in different ways. In his spare time, he enjoys reading books about technology and the people behind it, a good game of football, and watching his stock portfolio go up and down. Needless to say, part of this portfolio is focused on electric and self-driving cars.

Lennart Verheijen
Lennart VerheijenInnovation and Product Manager

Lennart Verheijen is the innovation and product manager at GreenFlux. Due to his belief that electric vehicles are the future, he is dedicated to work on solutions to make charging smarter and easier. The electric car will play a key role in the energy transition and a lot of the services and innovations of GreenFlux are focused on this. Lennart has extensive experience in the energy sector and all its actors and processes. He himself has three different charging points on his driveway, he has been driving various electric cars since 2010, and he would be very surprised if his children will take driving lessons in fossil cars by 2030.