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An all-round solution to manage charge point infrastructures and billing. GreenFlux offers a unique cloud-based Service & Operations platform. We have over 7 years experience with our platform, continously improving the functionalities. The platform combines state-of-the-art technology, industry leading expertise, and easy solutions for managing large infrastructures of charge points over open protocols and systems, allowing every charge station to connect to the platform.

The platform manages charging infrastructures and is charge point manufacturer independent. All charge points are administered on a multitenant/operator basis, with separated roles and responsibilities.

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Remote Management

The platform is the “master” of the charge points. It performs authorizations and registers transactions and consumption. The OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) and connectors for vendor-specific protocols are used. Consumption is recorded in the Charge Detail Records.

EV Driver and Transaction handling 

GreenFlux is the largest transaction processor of charge points in Europe. We offer solutions with full functionality for billing. Our platform offers white label transactions throughout Europe and supports all open standards, such as OCPP and OCPI. All transactions are completedvia a cloud-based service.

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European Roaming

Our Platform makes it possible to roam via charge cards and apps, enabling EV-drivers to charge at charge stations of various CPOs.

Smart Energy Management (Smart Charging)

An intelligent connection between the increasing use of sustainable energy and energy grid balancing. In the near future, electric cars can be used as mobile batteries.

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Interfaces with other Systems

The platform has interfaces with systems from other infrastructure and eMobility Service Providers, system operators, Central Identification Registers (if any), and specific applications for reservations. Links with energy management systems and international clearing providers will be available.

Why GreenFlux

Control of managing transactions and smart charging needs

GreenFlux developed the only platform that offers full integration with all manufacturers based on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). Billing and load management becomes easy, and connecting to sustainable energy sources is now within reach.

Safe and secure application, accessible from anywhere

The application runs in the public cloud using Microsoft Azure. No hardware is needed. The system is secured and data is backed-up. Access to the application can be managed via interfaces. Data stays in the country of choice and is owned by the customer.

Save time and money using smart and advanced technology

Continuous development and state-of-the-art solutions save customers time and money on development and fast market entry with smart EV charge solutions.

Your platform,
your advantages

Our platform is available as a managed- or white label solution. The focus is on remote support, financial services and smart charging (dynamic load balancing, flexible pricing, and connecting to sustainable energy sources).

Easy Management of large Charging Networks

Grid Capacity Management

Profitable Revenue Management solutions

Maintenance and Configuration Management

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