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GreenFlux is a Dutch based organisation with over 5 years of hands on experience in making the lives of electric drivers easier, and in making electric driving as comfortable and accessible as possible. GreenFlux is active in over 10 countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, and the United States of America. To make this possible, we have developed a cloud based smart charging platform and as smart charging controller. These scalable solutions save both money and time, while still delivering the best possible service.

Our Story:
the Beginning of the Future.

GreenFlux is founded based on our mission that everyone can and should drive a car by using the power of the sun. We recognized that this was easier said than done and thus developed our goal: making driving an EV as easy and accessible as possible.

With the slogan “Sustainability is our driver” GreenFlux entered the EV market in 2011 and has ever since become the largest revenue manager and a pioneer in Smart Charging. Since its establishment, Green Flux is committed to create a green future that runs on renewable energy with  electric cars playing a central role. As a service provider – and now also as charge point operator – Green Flux continuously plays into the current developments in the market. We believe we are building the beginning of a new, clean future.

Our Team

Our enthousiastic team of highly skilled professionals dedicate themselves everyday to our goal: making electric driving the global standard. Our team is growing as fast as a Tesla Roadster accelerates. And we keep on growing. We’re pleased to introduce our team members:


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