Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

GreenFlux offers smart and innovative solutions to make electric driving the new standard.

An ecosystem with +15000 charge points

Over 4 million

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15 countries

Award winning
Smart Charging Controller

Meet our new controller line

We are introducing the latest iteration of our modular smart charging controller product line. With this line, we offer Charge Point Manufacturers unique, customized controller solutions.

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Our solutions

GreenFlux offers a global leading Smart Charging solution to our customers: An Open Platform and a Smart Controller combined with six years of CPO experience in the EV market.

GreenFlux service and operations platform

Service and Operations Platform

We offer an advanced white label platform to enable EV smart charging and global transactions for our customers to be successful in the EV market.

Our platform combines state-of-the-art technology, industry leading expertise, and easy solutions for managing infrastructures of charge points via open protocols and systems, allowing every charge point to connect to the platform.

Remote Management

EV driver and Transaction handling

European Roaming

Smart Energy Management (Smart Charging)

Interfaces with other Systems

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Smart charging controller GreenFlux

Smart Charging Controller

Our Award Winning Smart Charging Controller is a very powerful IOT device, suitable for every charge point all over the world, open to any platform, standard-equipped with full smart charging capability.

The controller can turn every charge point into a connected device. The charge point can be managed without having to be in the same country. This offers possibilities for many smart charging solutions.

Remote Access and Control

Smart Charging functionalities

Fits in every Charge Point and compatible with all Electric Vehicles

Ensure Scalability of your Charging Network

Enable Charge Transactions for all Charge Points

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All-round solutions for the EV industry

We believe in a world where all vehicles will be powered by renewable energy. A smart charging infrastructure plays a key role in facilitating the uptake of EV’s and renewable energy. Our cloud-based platform and controller technology can easily be rolled-out to new customers all over the world, enabling our customers to grow their own business. Therefore, we empower leading players in the value chain with the ‘smartest’ in charging infrastructure solutions.

We offer all-round solutions for many different types of customers, such as charge point manufacturers and charge point providers and operators.

Chargepoint Manufacturers: integrate our Smart Charging Controller in your own charging solutions.

Chargepoint Providers and Operators: use of our platform and our controller to offer users good and extensive service.

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Active countries GreenFlux
GreenFlux ecosystem

The GreenFlux way

We empower our customers with a white label Platform & Controller, combined with hands on experience

Enabling Smart Charging and transactions via open protocols via scalable Cloud technology

Our living lab develops and combines our products to leading solutions in the EV industry

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