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GreenFlux offers smart and innovative solutions to make electric driving the new standard.

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What does this mean?

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To stimulate electric driving as the new standard in mobility, we provide EV-solutions for charging networks. The transactions of connected charge stations can be tracked. The made transactions be settled through a management system in our back office. Furthermore, we offer a smart way to respond and connect to the offer of renewable energy.

In Europe, we bring an intelligent platform and a smart controller to the market. Charge point producers and service providers can use this to manage charge point networks on every scale. To make it even more sustainable, a link to renewable energy sources can be made.

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For Whom?

We offer all-round solutions for many different types of customers, such as charge point manufacturers and charge point providers and operators. Do you have a more specific question? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Chargepoint Manufacturers: integrate our Smart Charging Controller in your own charging solutions.

Chargepoint providers and operators: use of our platform and our controller to offer users good and extensive service.


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